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Crazy Creek Air Adventures Customer Comments


Here are a few photos of recent customers enjoying the day




“Our day with Jim and Connie at Crazy Creek Gliding was the thrill of a lifetime. This was the second time that we have celebrated a family event by going gliding with them, but this year's outing was made particularly spectacular by the view that we got of Nature's response to last year's Middletown wildfire. Out of that tragedy has come the renewal of massive spring wildflower blooms carpeting the valleys. This is a once in a lifetime event not to be missed.”

~ Laura Baker and Family



Connie and Jim, all to often in todays fast past world we seldom take the time to say thanks. I want you both to know what a blast I had this last Sat. You folks are the best. Jim, you made me a happy man and as soon as I can swing it, Im coming back to talk about lessons. Thanks again for a great time!

~ Duane H

Our group of 7 all agree that this was one of the very best outings we've ever experienced! Owners Jim and Connie were simply amazing. So helpful and accommodating with the coordination of our BBQ picnic, and their friendliness really made this experience with them a "family affair". They both were the glider pilots and was able to "customize" each flight to the desire of the passenger!(some of us had some real exciting loops and 'fly bys') The flights were long enough to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Lake county and each of them pointed out some specific sites to appreciate(lakes, golf courses, mountain ranges etc.) Patrick was the "tow pilot" and not only did a fantastic job but was just as friendly and happy as were Jim and Connie. He never stopped getting us in the air one after the other until we all had our "air time".
Overall experience a certain 10! I encourage anyone of all ages to consider this fantastic opportunity.

~ Chet L

Gliding was unbelievable!!!
I called Connie on Monday to say that my wife and I wanted to take a glider ride. She said fine, we are open on Friday thru Sunday, when would you like to come to Crazy Creek. I told her that we were leaving on Friday to go home. Connie said that's okay, Jim would be happy to come in on Thursday - if we wanted to come then. I told her I would call her back.
My wife was very nervous and said she did not know if she would still have the nerve by Thursday. So I called Connie back and told her about my wife's trepidations, and she said do you want to come tomorrow - we said yes. We went the next day and Connie, Jim, their son, and grandson treated us like we were friends for years. Connie calmed down my wife's nerves, and told her that even her grandson has taken many glider rides.
The ride had awesome views, and the experience was amazing - we would recommend this to everyone that has a joy for living.

~ Ann Marie & Jon J

Alana and I had a fantastic time! This was a totally awesome and unforgettable experience. I had no idea she planned this flight, but it was a pleasant surprise! Your candid personality made us feel comfortable and more relaxed. Definitely worth doing again!
Thank you for your friendly service.

~Sincerely, Rick and Alana

The scenic drive to your peaceful and beautiful location, your kind and friendly service, and especially the breathtaking soaring above the beautiful landscape below made this first time experience one to recommend and repeat!
I got into the glider with my beautiful girlfriend, and when we landed she was my beautiful bride to be :))   I couldn't have asked for a better place to propose, or a nicer group of people to get us there. Thanks, we'll be back!

~Nathanael Griesert

An amazing & unforgettable experience, hosted by a friendly family who's passionate about what they do!
PS to the Gents out there...
By far, the most romantic, breath-taking, and thrilling way to propose to the one you love.

~Kindra Hablitzel


Our glider flight was just amazing! Crazy Creek is located in a beautiful valley and it's like going over to your friend's place only your friends have airplanes and a private airstrip! They're so friendly and obviously love what they do and make sure you do too. We had an exciting flight with wingover rolls and stalls. It felt like a roller coaster way up in the sky with no track, also lots of cruising around mountain tops and seeing all the way from the coast to Mt. Shasta and the Sierras.

~Daniel Schrimshire

Loved it!!! We had no idea how amazing this would be. We figured it would be fun and, weather-permitting, we'd have some great views. But WOW, it was that and so much more. What a ride, what views, and what an adventure. We yelled, screamed, and laughed with total unexpected delight and terror. But, we had no doubt that Jim, the owner/pilot, was in control. Had no idea how fun this would be. People put this on their bucket-list, but after this experience, I think I'll make it an annual event!

~Mike Suchomel

Randy and I just wanted to let Connie know what a Great time we had on Sunday with her. Her expertise of gliding and the total experience was way beyond our expectations. We are so excited to tell our friends about our experience. Everyone needs to have the thrill of this. We will be Back for More!! And it was truly a pleasure to have a chat with you Connie after our flight. The Day was Perfect.... thanks to you. See You Soon,

~Darlene and Randy

"Connie & Rick (tow pilot) made my proposal the most amazing day of my life. The glider ride was one of the most memorable events in my life and they helped my fiance prepare this day to make it completely unexpected!"

~ Victoria

Connie was so helpful with ideas for my best friend's proposal. We went on the ride and as we were landing, my friends fiance had a big "Will You Marry Me" sign, & after words we had wine in the beautiful gazebo her. It was amazing here and Connie & Rick were so great with us. Thank you so much!


After a flawless tow to 7000 feet over St. Helena, the view of the valleys, vineyards, and lakes was more than our imaginations could conjure.

Thanks for the breath taking (literally!), sweaty palm view and ride. We will be back!

~Andrew & Shawna Morris, Houston, TX

My wife and I took a 30 minute glider ride on our 2nd anniversary, and it turned out to be an amazing experience. The weather was lovely, and so were the views. We did some great twists and turns and had a fabulous experience. Thanks to you guys we had a wonderful and memorable 2nd anniversary with pictures to share. Keep up the good work!!

~Praveen and Sowmya

For sure this experience is much better than "great hot air ballooning" that they usually suggest you to do. I do gliding in every country I visit (of course, only if there's a gliding facility) and certainly California is one of the best places to glide. If you haven't done that before , do it without any doubt. You'll definitely love it!

~Andrey and Liudmila from Russia

Jan's birthday! It was an awesome floating adventure on a picture perfect Sunday morning. The sky was summer blue. The view as of pine trees, Mt St. Helena, wild flowers, mustard seed and green, green everywhere green. Deep breaths and an awesome experience. Thank you.

~Jan and Jeanine from WA

My boyfriend and I recently took a flight at Crazy Creek to celebrate our anniversary, and we had a great time. Connie was so helpful both before and during our flight, as she was also our pilot. The views were beautiful, the ride was smooth, and the entire experience is one we will not soon forget - highly recommended. Warm clothing is suggested on cool days, and also our morning flight came a bit too soon after breakfast, which may be something for those with weaker stomachs to keep in mind.

~Scott S.

This experience was once in a lifetime. A must do, one more thing to cross off the Bucket list. The Staff was very accommodating and we really do recommend gliding at least once.

~Kelly and Steve, Navel ROTC

Just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much fun we had on Sunday, Thank you so much for the exhilarating flight!!!! We can't wait to come back and visit and do it again!! Many thanks.

~Mark & Maureen

Wow! what a fantastic view and ride. Very exciting, we have to recommend it to all our friends.

~Ricky & Tracy Cole

When planning our trip to the Napa area, we knew we wanted to do something exciting and different after a little searching online, Crazy Creek Air Adventures popped up. Never had we dared board a small plane before. This was the activity to try. As I sit here after my flight I am proud of myself. I am no daredevil, I could not imagine anyone else in my family having tried this! The views were stunning. It all seemed surreal. Jim is an amazing pilot. I like that nothing about this experience felt rushed as it sometimes can in a big operation. Connie made sure to grab our photo of our high speed pass doing 150 mph and made sure I was okay after landing. Absolutely worth every penny!

~Christopher & Keri Giles, Boca Raton, FL

Found this company when researching for my Wine Country trip. This was one of the best experiences of my life and if I ever make it back to northern California, I will definitely be paying them another visit. The views were breath-taking and I had a great pilot. Thank you so much for such a great time! I will be recommending the glider flight to everyone I know.

~Simon Khodab, 22 Year Old College Student, Baltimore, MD

My family of 4 had such a great time on the glider that we will definitely do it again the next time we visit California. Connie and Jim were the perfect hosts and the ride with Jim was simply fantastic. The view from above the mountains as we glide higher and higher soaring into the wind was spectacular. This is something that we will always remember and we recommend this to everyone. Thank you Jim & Connie.

~Philip Wong

Even if you aren't into aviation - this is a fantastic ride. A great addition to your Wine Country experience!

~ Mike & Carrie Coogan, Fairfax, VA

What a thrill! I had a wonderful experience. Great sight and views of Clear Lake, Sonoma County, the Geysers, Lake Berryessa and my home in Hidden Valley Lake. Connie made me feel safe. Do the Wing Over, you won't regret it, Fly like a eagle. You've got to try this!

~ Jon Pappas

Hi Jim and Connie This was my wife's 60th birthday gift, and it was a great experience. We will be sure to do it again for each season, so we can see nature's color changes. Beats bungee jumping any day. Thanks, Jim and Nancy Watson

~Jim and Nancy Watson

A Glider Ride was one item on my husbands "Bucket List" . So while visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Lake County, CA. (Crazy Creek Air Adventures) was just down the road and Somehow he talked me into going up with him for a 40 minute glider ride. Wow! What a wonderful adventure -It was amazing. Jim, our pilot was so kind in flying only the way we wanted to, explaining how a glider flies and what keeps a glider up for hours made it such a pleasure - fantastic views - would probably - no, would go again when we come back. Thanks again for everything.

~Merry & John Sims, Shawnee, Kansas

Absolutely a MUST do! What an experience ... flying peacefully among the hidden thermals over a picturesque landscape. Jim and Connie were terrific... to call them nice would be an understatement. Thanks for the ride of a lifetime!

~PJ Sereno

We loved flying with you!! A very smooth flight and awesome experience - loved the wing-over, loops and climbs. Thank you for making our 2nd anniversary a very special and fun one!

~ Les Smutz & Lady Jean Windson, 2nd Anniversary Flight!, Phoenix, AZ

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